Thoughs on the passing of Sen. Kennedy

On Tuesday, 25 August, Senator Ted Kennedy passed away from cancer. Some reactions were understated, others vulgar. I feel for his family. Having lost many family members to disease and old age, the death of a loved one is not to be taken lightly.

The left however, didn’t even wait for his body to get cold. Already they are trying to keep their majority in the senate and pass the Nazi-esque monstrosity that is their version of health care reform.

Kennedy’s scandals showed that, despite the image of him as a the liberal lion, he was just another rich boy who could hide behind his family name and wealth at the first sign of trouble. While he did serve in the Army during the 1950’s, he did so becasue of troubles at Harvard. His father used his political pull to keep him out of the Korean War.

A rich man from a rich family used his clout to expand government, put liberals on the supreme court and bragged about attending military funerals when he was in fact a no-show.

I loath “limousine liberals”/”cavair commies” the most. They have wealth and power, enjoying it in one of the most prosperous countries in the world and they want to turn this country into a banana republic. One where they are the dictators and the little people (you and me) must shut up and do as they are told. Dressing up like the common man but acting like kings is their M.O. Monuments are built on the backs of the people by the powerful few who abused them. Sadly that seems to be in vogue now.

My father thought I was being mean to Ted Kennedy when I said I could never forgive him for leaving a woman to die. I was all of 14 when I read about the incident in history class. Later, I would join the army. One of our core values is “Never Leave A Fallen Comrade.”

I feel bad for the Kennedy family, but my tears are for Mary Jo Kopechne. She would be in her 60’s today.

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