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Chew on this: Typhoons, Cash for Clunkers and a Welcome Home.

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On Saturday, 01 August 2009, the family of Capt. Michael “Scott” Speicher was informed that the Navy had found his remains. This closes one of the final chapters of the first Gulf War. I hope that Capt. Speicher rests in peace and that his family can heal. XBradTC has a poignant post on why the US military keeps looking for missing service members.

Meanwhile the world keeps turning: Tasty links and a blown engine:

  1. The UK is canceling orders for new Typhoon fighters, but is still in on the much delayed A400M. (ELP blog)
  2. The USAF may be getting back into the COIN aircraft business. (The DEW Line)
  3. Reason #9,999,999 that the MSM should think twice before covering defense. (the DEW Line)
  4. Cash for Clunkers: car dealers are putting sodium silicate into car engines to disable them. (H/T: Ace., Newsbusters)
  5. Sen. Chris Dodd, does the buck and wing, but can’t escape Michelle Malkin.
  6. Sec. of Treasury who did not pay taxes: “We may have to raise taxes on the middle class” (Ace)
  7. After Calling Health Insurance Companies “Villains”, Pelosi Decides She’ll Keep Their Money–SayAnything says it best.
  8. Blackfive weighs in on killing terrorists and the collateral damage that ensues.
  9. This ani’t hell asks if Obamacare will make Obama a 1 term president.
  10. STELLAR AVENGER is a success. (Closing Velocity)
  11. MTV actually shows the darker side of sex. (Newsbusters)

btw: Tim Nuccio has a blog worth checking out.

Hot Crew! : Adora BatBrat

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Their are many Goths on the interwebs. Any girl with black, blue, or blood red hair & nails, a Hot Topic discount card and a webcam can drum up google hits. Others sleep their way to success (I’m looking at you Dita Von Teese).

In the vast sea of black hair dye, a goddess emerges: Adora BatBrat. The alter-ego of Ann-Sophie Wimmerstedt, she’s witty, disarmingly cute, a model and a mom to boot. She warms up many a cold night in her native Sweden.

And she has a Youtube Channel: