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Chew on this: Background checks, tea parties & Caseless Ammo

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Tasty links and a high speed rifle:

  1. Van Jones had an FBI background check. Strange that his lunatic past never came up. (The Weekly Standard)
  2. Blast from the past: on why psudeo-Indian Ward Churchil is such a duche-nozzle, an academic weights in too.
  3. Big Labor is in trouble. (Michelle Malkin)
  4. It’s a scientific fact: Men Like Boobies (Jawa Report)
  5. LA Times blames Van Jone’s firling on right wing blogs. I do too, because people read them, unlike the LA times. (Patterico)
  6. The Weekly Standard brings power to the people!
  7. Newsbusters: Obama has a cult of personality, DUH!
  8. That’s a switch, the Iranian regime now fears demonstrations. (powerline)
  9. In Blue New Jersey: A tea party protest. (Instapundit)
  10. Krauthammer: Van Jones’ Lunacy “Is a Reflection of the Boss” (Gateway Pundit)
  11. “What happens when you ask politicians how they’ll pay for Obamacare”, Comedy Gold from Michelle Malkin.

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