9/11 eight years later.

I had to drive to Texas to fix some family business, my father having passed away in May of 2001.

I was a teary wreck. All the sense of shock and loss poured out as I drove to Texas.

But in a way , the past eight years have been healing. I got married, joined the army and now have two sons.

It dawned on me that it has been eight years since I got the phone call….since the towers fell….

No conspiracy theories, no moral relativism can take away the pain of losing 3,000 of my fellow Americans. The tears are still there, for my father, for my people.

But hope and love shine through the loss.

My heart is still with all those of lost mothers and fathers, sons and daughters.

July 4th of that year was bitter, it was my father’s birthday, it rained all day.

Ever since I joined the army, it has been joyous once again, with a wife and two sons who look up to me.

I hope the families of the victims know that peace.


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