China’s UAV’s:

Immature artists imitate. Mature artists steal.Lionel Trilling

China’s People liberation army must be very mature. From the J-10, their copies of the HMMWV and UAV’s, they have stolen from the greats. And by greats I mean US designers.

Seeing the success of USAF & CIA predator drones in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have followed suit with drones of their own. In the 1960’s, US firebee drones were recovred off the Chinese coast after their missions over Vietnam. They reverse engineered them into the WuZhen-5 (ironically, the PLA drones were also sent against Vietnam).

Now they have tried to copy the Predator drones and the Global hawk. They want to replicate our success at killing small forces hidden in impassable terrain AND they want to beat your Air Defense Systems and networked forces.

Global Hawk Clone taxis:

Predator Clone (pics for China Defense mashup):

Yilong UAV

Yilong UAV

and “The Dark Sword”: high speed UAV concept:
The Dark Sword

The Dark Sword

Still, they can’t beat the real thing:


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