The Grasshopper and the Ant

Perhaps more than any other open-source outfit, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments has put serious intellectual muscle into examining the implications of waging war in an environment where potential enemies don’t just threaten to use nuclear weapons, they actually detonate a nuclear device.

While nuclear disarmament remains a noble aspiration, the world is going in the other direction, that is, more states with more nukes, says CSBA President Andrew Krepinevich in a new report, US Nuclear Forces: Meeting the Challenge of a Proliferated World. From four nuclear states in the 1960s, there are now double that number (adding China, Israel, India and Pakistan) and we may soon reach ten (North Korea and Iran). Potential enemies have learned they can’t survive a conventional war in the face of the U.S. precision strike arsenal. In their strategic calculus, the only means of deterring U.S. military action is a nuclear weapon.

US Must Plan for Nuke Wars
By Greg Grant Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 , DODBUZZ.coom

See, I thought that by electing the left’s chosen canidate, we would get a world with out nukes. Ya know, sunshine, rainbows, unicorns and the hippies singing songs about peace…

Instead we have Iran rushing to complete a nuclear weapons as fast as they can. American “think tanks” don’t want our allies to protect themselves.

Missile defense accoring to the left, doesn’t work. Diplomacy? Work every time.

Except when Iran, North Korea et al. make fools out of our diplomats.

In the multi-national talks, talk being the key word, Iran and North Korea have show their willingness to duck, dodge and screw with the UN, the IAEA and US presidents. Sadly this is lost on the left. They want us to surrender. They fear war so much they get all Nevile Chamberlain when ever a missile is fired. Some pundits even suggest that the old “Cold War” paradigm of containment should apply to a nuclear Iran or North Korea.

BS! Nuclear rogue state will use them. They don’t care. Iran’s leaders have a apocalyptic death cult culture who’s roots are barely concealed by militant Shiite Islam. In order for them to stay in power and justify their permanent war economy, they need the US and nuclear weapons. Nuclear war just fulfills their promise of holy war. North Korea is a cult of personality run by one man, he dies the military junta that takes his place may have no choice but to strike.

We need to be prepared to fight. Cuts, and “give peace a chance” will result in a nuclear explosion.

Krepinevich describes a proliferated Middle East as a place of extreme instability as competing intelligence agencies constantly scour neighbor’s territory for weapons; since nuclear arsenals would be very small, the discovery of such weapons would likely invite a prompt attack to instantly shift in the strategic balance.

The report is intended to “raise awareness” of the need to reexamine many of the underlying assumptions of strategic logic regarding nuclear weapons that have not moved much beyond Cold War era thinking, Krepinevich says.

Let’s hope the people in charge read it.

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