Glenn Beck is an A$$hat

Both Hot Air and Confederate Yankee embed a video of the Summer Soldier and Sunshine Patriot Glenn Beck.
He states (after trying to kiss up to the active duty service members): “I Cannot in Good Conscience, Encourage My Nephew to Reenlist”

O RLY? Mr. Beck you can @#% yourself with an E-tool. You made me queasy when I used to watch you and now I’ll never watch you. Ever.

Real soldiers re-enlist to help their team, their unit and their country, regardless who who is in office or the situation they find themselves in. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are a team. But being a lone wolf ranting on the air (and paid more than I’ll ever see if I live to the age of 10 Million) you don’t get that do you? </rant>

I now go back to serving my country no matter who’s in office.

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