The Worm Turns (and the left turns on the President)

President Obama has announced his strategy of sending 30,000 troops (short the 10,000 GEN McChrystal wanted).

But there have been many missteps. And the left is turning on the President, despite saying (during the Iraq War) that Afghanistan is the “just war.”

Outside West Point. On MSNBC.

And the biggest (and I mean biggest) political gadfly Michael Moore had this to say:

MOORE: No. That didn’t work in Vietnam. It’s not going to work in Iraq. It was interesting to hear him essentially praise the Bush policy in Iraq and how it succeeded. I mean, it was really bizarre to hear him say some of these things. And I have to tell you, Larry, I hate to be even saying these things because I honestly think Barack Obama is a good and decent man. He has a good heart. I believe he’s a man of peace. I was thrilled that he won the [Nobel] Peace Prize. So to see him make this mistake- I don’t think there’s any kind of evil or dark place in his heart that- where this is coming from. I just think that he’s listened to the generals.

Of course the President listened to the Generals. That’s what the generals are for! Only in the left’s fantasy land can troops magically be shifted to Afghanistan duringt he battels for Iraq (or magically come home in a few months with out the 100 mile long convoy of doom ‘cut and run’ would have required).

Now that the president is trying to fight the war, the left just turns on him.

“Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan is the last in a string of disappointments. His flip-flopping acceptance of the military coup in Honduras has squandered the trust of Latin America. His Wall Street bailout leaves the poor, the unemployed, minorities and college students on their own. And now comes the Afghanistan-Pakistan decision to escalate the stalemate, which risks his domestic agenda, his Democratic base, and possibly even his presidency.”
Granolakrieg!— Jules Crittenden quotes 60’s leftover Tom Hayden

They don’t hate war (the left was silent when Russia invaded Georgia and used ballistic missiles on their cities). They don’t hate killing (the left is silent on suicide bombers, some western profs even write poems to them*). they hate the US, the US military and for some reason seem to want to use their freedoms to take away ours.

The anti-war left was never about being anti-war. It was always about power. Now that the President is using his war powers to act, they turn on him.

*–Yes, Google the name of Ayat al-Akhras and you’ll find the sickening ode to her murders.

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