Quick Take: The Stupid Federal Shield Law and Left Burnout

Powerline has two take-downs of a proposed shield law.

Quoting the proposed law:

(iii) in a criminal investigation or prosecution of an unauthorized disclosure of properly classified information by a person with authorized access to such information, such unauthorized disclosure has caused or will cause significant and articulable harm to the national security;

A reader shoots back:

A really bad, totally unnecessary law. I ran a prosecutor’s office for many years, and I can count on the fingers of one hand (and still have one or two fingers left over) the number of times I authorized the issuance of a subpoena to a reporter, and I think in my own cases I only did it twice in 18 years

So what we have here is a law designed to protect Big Media and their lefty fellow travelers. The irony is that if Climate Gate had happened here, this law would have protected the hackers from penalties.

Someday a reporter or news outlet will hurt American troops, the government or expose us all to a terrorist attack. And since the average American knows little about the working of Government (military or civilian), a simple misunderstanding could be used by the left to make a mountain out of every molehill. (remember the “assassination program” that got no further than a paper study?). The tinfoil hat crowd will have a field day.

This law is a bone tossed to a lap dog press by the Democrats. They’re paying them back for getting their help in November. And I bet that a leak that hurts the current white house will be found to cause “significant and articulable harm” to the left’s poll numbers national security.

In other news, the anti-war crowd is burning out. A protest against Afghanistan only attracted 300 people. Not even the LA Times was impressed.

“People are burned out,” explained the rally’s organizer, Laurie Dobson. As she and other antiwar activists struggle to remake their movement, they also acknowledge there are obstacles. La Times

Some media outlets are pumping up the numbers of protesters to 1500, but even on Matthis Chiroux’ Facebook page World Can’t Wait admits to only 300; —This Aint Hell

It was always about Bush, Anti-Americanism and communist propaganda. They were never intrested in the suffering of the people of Iraq, Afghanistan or the 3,000 Americans killed on 9/11.

The Al-Qaeda/Taliban death cult has killed or maimed more people than the US military has. We liberated two nations, despite the cut and run brigade. The left said that Afghanistan was the “good war”. They lied. They hate all wars started by the US or involving the US. Wars started by anti-western forces are just fine with them.

With no draft, the lazy jaded youth have no reason to cut class and hit the streets. While they try to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, the US Army goes rolling along….

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