It’s a jungle out there: Liberal arts majors in crisis.

Dr. Helen offers up this gem:

The 124th Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association is in San Diego this weekend. It’s probably not the wildest of conventions even in good times, but the mood is a good bit more somber than usual this time around. It wasn’t specifically reflected in today’s jobless numbers, but new history PhDs looking for work — most of them are just plain out of luck.
“Liberal arts job market looks bleak”

I graduates a long time ago with a BS in psychology, at the time the big insurance companies were not interested in paying PhD level salaries, they wanted grad students. Then they changed their minds and now wanted bachelors degrees. Undergrads being cheaper. The job market was not in my favor with just a BS, so I join the army instead. The sad fact is that I make more as a soldier than I could with my degree.

Most lib arts majors work outside their field. Honestly, unless you write books, become a celebrity or have tenure, you career options are limited. I met many people with lib arts degrees not working in their field. Teaching? Unless you marry someone with with a good paying job, you will starve as a teacher. You have to work outside your field, keep studing and growing.

Sadly many high school graduates go to college and just expect a BA degree to carry them. Many view college as high school writ large. From low GPA’s from laziness to stupid facebook pics costing jobs, these “kids” fail to grasp that they are now adults competing to join the workforce.

I’m glad I chose psychology because my studies prepared me for the real world (grounded as I was in science due to my degree requirements). Someday I might apply for OCS, or I might go up the NCO ranks, I might even become a civilian again, my doors are open either way.

Lib Arts degrees are worthless unless you’re prepared to work and study anything. Yes we need technical writers, but that’s just a subset of the market (and wikis are eating into that for some products). When times are good, tenure and other positions open up, nowadays people want nuts and bolts degrees: science, engineering and business.

For those of you with brains enough to PLAN your career, good for you. You may have a lot of hard work, but hey who actually works in there field 100% of the time? LOL

For those of you marching and chanting in the streets, becoming “radicalized” and hoping that “change” will come, it will:
Want fries with that?

(more textbook madness at Something

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