Late night fights or why I don’t watch late nite TV anymore

Late night talk shows used to be a window into the American Psyche. I remember being a young boy watching Carson on the TV.

Well, Carson signed off, Letterman went to CBS, Leno took over and Conan (the unfunny) took over the late late show.

Leno was forced out retired from the Tonight Show and Conan took over. Ratings have sucked. Leno’s prime time show as not fared as well.

The affiliates are revolting. Ad revenues are tanking as CBS (Letterman and Craig Ferguson) have eaten into their ratings.

Why did this happen? Conan was up against loser CBS shows after Letterman, then Craig Ferguson arrived and beat him nightly. But the die was cast, they feared losing Conan to another network and wanted to cheaply replace Leno. Only now is the dept of their mistake clear. In Star Wars terms, Darth Vader would be force-choking some vice presidents.

Pajiba brings us this little gem:

From what we know so far, it looks like Jay Leno is going to be moving back to the 11:30 slot, after the Winter Olympics finish their run, where he will have a half-hour show that will lead into Conan’s hour-long show (presumably, Conan will keep “The Tonight Show,” while Leno will continue under “The Jay Leno Show” banner). Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon looks to be moving to the 1 a.m. graveyard, which is — and I can’t believe I’m saying this — a shame, as I’ve caught a few episodes of Fallon’s show, and it’s not embarrassing. He strikes out more than he succeeds, but he tries a lot of new things, which is more than I can say for the other late-night talk show hosts (including Dave, who has been doing the same, reliable shtick for decades).

And Carson Daily, poor guy, gets 2:00 AM. Only junkies and insomniacs are awake at 2am.

So a popular TV host is replaced by a nerd with no talent. CBS’s nerd with no talent Letterman, gets a ratings boost. I miss Carson.

Man I’m glad I gave up TV for the internet.

H/T: In From the Cold and Agent Bedhead

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