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So there’s this guy, he things he’s smart. He writes a report,the paper picks it up and he waves around like a mad man.

Mr. Obama’s announcement of his new antimissile plan in September was based on the Pentagon’s assessment that the SM-3, or Standard Missile 3, had intercepted 84 percent of incoming targets in tests. But a re-examination of results from 10 of those apparently successful tests by Theodore A. Postol and George N. Lewis, being published this month, finds only one or two successful intercepts — for a success rate of 10 to 20 percent.
Review Cites Flaws in U.S. Antimissile Program
Published: May 17, 2010, NYT.

But, the rest of the world see a lunatic who’s got his facts wrong.

The methodology of Postol’s “analysis”? Looking at the final — and I should note, UNCLASSIFIED — frame of the various SM-3 intercept videos released by MDA and determining that the center of that freeze-frame represented the precise intercept point (Postol’s graphic here). Sounds like rigorous rocket science, huh?
Ted Postol: Aegis SM-3 Only 20% Successful; MDA: Postol Is 100% Full Of Shit, Closing Velocity.

Classified sensors are many, many times better than UNCLASSIFIED pictures. Many though that the Patriot system missed judging by TV images. But those images are captured at 60 frames per second. AVATION films use 500 fps. They captured hits.

Official US govt smackdown here.

Decoys: done and done (countermeasures are in place)

MIRVs: We test against them

Hit to kill: proven

AGEIS BDM, THAAD, Patriot, GMCD: made of win

Theodore A. Postol : made of fail

This man is an idiot and will be forgotten.

He should be made to apologize to the sailors who defend is right to be a nimrod.

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Chew on this: Defense fat and gristle

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Tasty links with nail biting in the Pentagon:

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What the $#&^% happed at Times Square?

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And so it came to past, another terrorist attack in NYC.

And the left gets it wrong. They flub the motives and the origin of the attacker. Just because he’s a Muslim, don’t mean he’s a jackass. And trying him in the courts will get nothing.

A similar attack was tried in London.

The left has treid before to manufacture “home grown” terrorists, but their efforts fall flat.
Tim McVeigh was a monster, but he a conspiracy of 2-3 people. One of who turned him in. His actions doomed the “militia movement”. But the left still digs him up. The latest batch of nutjobs are even lamer, despite the efforts of the MSM to gussy them up as Christain Taliban.

Why the left forgets that we are at WAR escapes me. The framing of the Korean War as a “police action” used to cause much ridicule on the left and anger on the right. Terrorists are good at using the law against us. What happened was not a crime against property or a bomb scare. It was an attack on the US, on all of us.

We should respond with more drone strikes. The attacker should pray that he was caught by police and not by the military.