What the $#&^% happed at Times Square?

And so it came to past, another terrorist attack in NYC.

And the left gets it wrong. They flub the motives and the origin of the attacker. Just because he’s a Muslim, don’t mean he’s a jackass. And trying him in the courts will get nothing.

A similar attack was tried in London.

The left has treid before to manufacture “home grown” terrorists, but their efforts fall flat.
Tim McVeigh was a monster, but he a conspiracy of 2-3 people. One of who turned him in. His actions doomed the “militia movement”. But the left still digs him up. The latest batch of nutjobs are even lamer, despite the efforts of the MSM to gussy them up as Christain Taliban.

Why the left forgets that we are at WAR escapes me. The framing of the Korean War as a “police action” used to cause much ridicule on the left and anger on the right. Terrorists are good at using the law against us. What happened was not a crime against property or a bomb scare. It was an attack on the US, on all of us.

We should respond with more drone strikes. The attacker should pray that he was caught by police and not by the military.

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