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Why McCrystal was fired and why Petraeus was *demoted*

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CMDR Salamander:

Here is the problem. Gen. Petraeus is COMCENTCOM – the Strategic Level Commander. The Commander in AFG reports to COMCENTCOM.

Mark Styen chimes in with an assessment on the lack of engagement by the White House. Powerline notes that having anyone talk to a reporter from a lefty rag is bad juju.

The take away message is this: the left owns this war now. They raged against Bush. Fumed and loathed the military, while hoping that the draft would come back. Maybe that would energize the youth and make’em vote democrat.

They lied to sell a campain of astroturf and false promises.

When an ally (in uniform no less!) speaks with candor and gives a no-shit opnion, the left. lost. it.

It’s not about peace, or hope, change or anything like that. It’s about power. Gen. McCrystal did his job, his staff flapped their gums around a lefty reporter (who is still embedded with US troops). How dare he! It’s Truman v. MacArthur all over again!1!!

Execpt it ain’t so. Other events have show how prepared the White House is. The left wants the war to be over and off the front page. Then they can get beck to their crazy agenda.

The good general’s replacement? GEN Petraeus. Remember him? does. Oh wait…they deleted their Gen. Betray-us ads from their website!

Meanwhile the war goes on.

Chew on this:

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  1. Eric Plamer rages against the USAF budget cuts. (antoher link via DefTech)
  2. The Air Force magazine talks about those cuts.
  3. Weasel Zippers slam the silly Afgan ROE. (H/T: JAWA)
  4. Via Michelle Malkin: Hard to have a safe border when the Sec. Of Labor is pro-illeagal labor.
  5. Confederate Yankee: the left owns the pending Oil-hurricane disaster.
  6. Commie Despot Renegs On Debts, Seizes Oil Rigs“: Hope you don’t have money in Venezula…(ACE)
  7. McCrystal’s gaffe may change Afgan War…Maybe… (defense Tech)
  8. Defense Tech: ““Next-Gen Bomber” Really Dead”
  9. This Aint’ Hell skewers the left’s idea of sacrifice and serviceand ther neglect of the military.

And popin’ fresh beats!

100 Americans

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Via Hotair, here is a list of 100 Americans the left loves to hate.

…Or as the snide liberal Left calls these patriots, “tea baggers.”
The tea party movement has presented a signifi cant roadblock
for the president’s progressive agenda. This boisterous bunch of
impassioned patriots has helped the political climate quickly cool
down af!er Obama’s fevered supporters vaulted him into o# ce.
From a minute Facebook group to a mass movement of millions,
the tea party movement is driven by American tradition and is
focused on resurrecting the nation’s historical promise. They are everything the Le!f hates—
self-motivated,self-educated commonsense patriots who love God, guns and Old Glory.
As this grassroots movement continues to grow, liberals know they don’t stand a chance—
their agenda cannot stand up to the greatness of America’s founding and the citizens who will
stand to defend it.

meanwhile, back in lefty land……

New Post is New

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Sorry for teh lack of up dates. I had lost of personal stuff and a big FTX to deal with.

WIll be back to blogging. I promise.

In the mean time enjoy this: