100 Americans

Via Hotair, here is a list of 100 Americans the left loves to hate.

…Or as the snide liberal Left calls these patriots, “tea baggers.”
The tea party movement has presented a signifi cant roadblock
for the president’s progressive agenda. This boisterous bunch of
impassioned patriots has helped the political climate quickly cool
down af!er Obama’s fevered supporters vaulted him into o# ce.
From a minute Facebook group to a mass movement of millions,
the tea party movement is driven by American tradition and is
focused on resurrecting the nation’s historical promise. They are everything the Le!f hates—
self-motivated,self-educated commonsense patriots who love God, guns and Old Glory.
As this grassroots movement continues to grow, liberals know they don’t stand a chance—
their agenda cannot stand up to the greatness of America’s founding and the citizens who will
stand to defend it.

meanwhile, back in lefty land……

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