Chew on this:

  1. Eric Plamer rages against the USAF budget cuts. (antoher link via DefTech)
  2. The Air Force magazine talks about those cuts.
  3. Weasel Zippers slam the silly Afgan ROE. (H/T: JAWA)
  4. Via Michelle Malkin: Hard to have a safe border when the Sec. Of Labor is pro-illeagal labor.
  5. Confederate Yankee: the left owns the pending Oil-hurricane disaster.
  6. Commie Despot Renegs On Debts, Seizes Oil Rigs“: Hope you don’t have money in Venezula…(ACE)
  7. McCrystal’s gaffe may change Afgan War…Maybe… (defense Tech)
  8. Defense Tech: ““Next-Gen Bomber” Really Dead”
  9. This Aint’ Hell skewers the left’s idea of sacrifice and serviceand ther neglect of the military.

And popin’ fresh beats!

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