Why McCrystal was fired and why Petraeus was *demoted*

CMDR Salamander:

Here is the problem. Gen. Petraeus is COMCENTCOM – the Strategic Level Commander. The Commander in AFG reports to COMCENTCOM.

Mark Styen chimes in with an assessment on the lack of engagement by the White House. Powerline notes that having anyone talk to a reporter from a lefty rag is bad juju.

The take away message is this: the left owns this war now. They raged against Bush. Fumed and loathed the military, while hoping that the draft would come back. Maybe that would energize the youth and make’em vote democrat.

They lied to sell a campain of astroturf and false promises.

When an ally (in uniform no less!) speaks with candor and gives a no-shit opnion, the left. lost. it.

It’s not about peace, or hope, change or anything like that. It’s about power. Gen. McCrystal did his job, his staff flapped their gums around a lefty reporter (who is still embedded with US troops). How dare he! It’s Truman v. MacArthur all over again!1!!

Execpt it ain’t so. Other events have show how prepared the White House is. The left wants the war to be over and off the front page. Then they can get beck to their crazy agenda.

The good general’s replacement? GEN Petraeus. Remember him? Moveon.org does. Oh wait…they deleted their Gen. Betray-us ads from their website!

Meanwhile the war goes on.

3 Responses to “Why McCrystal was fired and why Petraeus was *demoted*”

  1. Perhaps the President holds the war in Afganistan to be more important than the wider strategic functions of CONCENTCOM.

    Perhaps also Obama wants to have a more direct commando of that war himself.

    Or perhaps Obama found that Petreus had reached his incompentance level as the head of Consentcom and wanted him in a task that is more fit for his competance.

    Probably all these together is the truth.

  2. The Whitehouse and the DNC want OEF done before the 2012 elections. Pure and simple.

  3. I don’t understand why Obama has to cut military funding its what keeps our freedom and our American way of life. I find it really disrespectful to our troops that your cutting military funding but your making OBAMA CARE?!?!?!?!?! All your doing is giving lazy people free money, OK i understand some people need it but 95% of people on medicaid and soon to be Obama care are completely capable of finding a job and paying for it on there own look in to it more. Your cutting pay for our young men and women who fight yet you support pay for people who do nothing?! Whats up with that honestly he has lost all of my respect i will never vote for the Obama administration again.

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