Train wreck

Some things are coming to pass that will totally ruin our future. Thanks to the left (you know, the party of “caring”[tm]).

1) A downer jobs market for college grads. Law school are seeing a glut of lawyers, some are resorting to grade inflation to make their grads look good. A wall street journal article showcases the problems grad students face getting a job.

2) Regulators who can’t. Reason TV:

They replace “Too Big to Fail” with… “Too Big to Fail.” One of the reasons why major financial institutions played Russian Roulette with the economy was because they were betting they would get bailed out. Which is precisely what happened.

3) Too much debt. Having deemed as passed an imaginary budget, those in power can write checks we’ll have to cash.

4) The left DOESNOT want immigrants to assimilate. Michelle Malkin writes:

George Washington, in a letter to John Adams, stated that immigrants should be absorbed into American life so that “by an intermixture with our people, they, or their descendants, get assimilated to our customs, measures, laws: in a word soon become one people.”

(note that Mrs. Malkin is the child of immigrants herself)

Here is the rub: prominent left thinkers want to expand the welfare state. They feel that
overloading our government with dependents will cause such a turmoil (or get people used to the welfare state) that there will be a clamor for “a guaranteed national income“.

By not having immigrants assimilate and having a piss poor job market means more dependents out there. The left can scare them into voting for more empty promises by saying “We’ll take care of you.” But there is not money there. Jobless young people are tuning out of politics. Immigrants who do not become American turn to extremism and crime.

In their zeal to rush to a utopia of big government, the left wreaks the country. Funding for our military and vital public services goes down. Many states are drowning in the load of ‘dependents’ the left fostered upon them.

I think this will ruin progressives and their lefty allies. Many state and local governments will go broke, big corporations will continue to get bailouts from the left that says they hate them. the youth will realize that the ‘change’ they voted for is taking them for granted.

So we get a utopia of more crime, young vs. old and big corporations running amuck.

Us proles will turn on the ‘wise and noble’ left before they can run the county into the ground.

(h/t: Hotair, Instapundit, powerline, Ace,

P.S. China’s youth forcast our grad’s future.

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