Chew on this: Oliver Stoned

Tasty Links and Tron!

  1. Olvier Stone Vs. Mel Gibson (Volokh)
  2. Oliver Stone hits a new low.(PJ media)
  3. CNN says that their is too much free speech (this ain’t hell)
  4. Charlie Rangel: a modern American statesman...NOT! (Hotair)
  5. The UN, taking our freedoms and our guns. (No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money)
  6. Wikileaks ain’t the Pentagon papers (Via Hotair)
  7. And again Via Hot Air
  8. Rep. Barbra Boxer Opens mouth and inserts foot(hotair)
  9. Jurnolist hits bottom, digs (powerline)
  10. Palestinian Rockets hit Israeli towns, UN silent (Jawa)

and now some Poi:

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