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Chew on this: links a go-go

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  1. Sec. of Education Urged Employees to Attend Sharpton Rally, Unfortunately Not to Spell Check Signs” mandatory fun for lefties I guess (Michelle Malkin)
  2. Thorium Reactors could fix our energy woes. If enviro-nuts will let us build them. (H/T: Instapundit)
  3. CNN has The President’s Iraq speech.
  4. Gold in Fort Knox: Conspiracy theory round who gives a F^%# (h/t:
  5. More on the Higher Education Bubble (ibid)
  6. CNN: More teens are “Fake Christians” While they are trying to say that Christians are just faking it, they forget that more Democrats are fake liberals and fakes in general.
  7. US Mexico border to be patrolled by killer robots drones. (Via Instapundit)
  8. JK Rowling does what Stephenie Meyer won’t (h/t: the superficial)