What the Left really thinks of you

Time’s Joe Klein was perhaps the first out of the gate. We are “a nation of dodos,” he complained. We are “flagrantly ill-informed.” Klein was particularly incensed that we don’t understand that the stimulus worked. Of course, with unemployment inching up to 9.6 percent last month, and with President Obama now calling for a fourth stimulus package (if you count the two enacted under President Bush), it’s increasingly clear that the stimulus did not work.

— Michael Tanner ‘A Nation of Dodos’

For all the claims of supporting the ‘little guy’, the common people or being the ‘other 95%’, the left is an outside elite that lusts for power and control.

The response to those who oppose them? Childish protests and ridicule. Sara Palin as a Nazi, Former President Bush as a chimp etc.

The left loves to trot out ‘1984’ as some metaphor about the right or the U.S. Government. Orwell’s magnum opus was more about 1930’s era communism than 20th or 21st century western governments. There an elite ran a once proud nation into the ground. As did Mao ruin China and kill millions.

Of course to point that out is ‘red baiting’.

Having been to college, I have seen these asshats in action. Ignorance is strength. Worse, they worship America’s enemies or dumbasses .

I though that the 60’s was about overthrowing the elite. Not replacing one set of elite with another.

The people are mad. Hence the Tea Party. The government of 1984 did it’s level best to keep the people “flagrantly ill-informed.” and living in poverty. Strange that the current economic policies and PC speech codes (and lefty uproar over dissent) seem to be taken out of ‘1984’.

But then again I’m just one of the ‘Dodo’s’.

Here’s to 02 NOV 2010. We’ll see who’s the real dodo then.

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