It’s come to this: Expensive tests for paper clips in children’s science kits

Via Fox News:

Federal regulators are hard at work making the world a safer place for kids — starting with the threat posed by toxic paper clips.

Never heard of a toxic paper clip? Neither have the manufacturers of science kits for classrooms across the country.

Here’s the problem, a paperclip from Office Depot doesn’t have to be subject to the tests. Put it inside a product (any product) marketed for children and bam! it has to be tested.

The big toy makers pushed through this law because they were stung when the Chinese factories screwed them by cutting corners. They can afford the tests or the lobbying to get their products around the tests.

However govt. dickheads bureaucrats want to test anything sold to children. Even books and stuffed toys. Regardless of the manufacture date or point of origin. That nukes the small businesses and second hand stores that fuel local economies. It may even affect yard sales.

Of course it you work for Matel or the feds your job is safe.

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