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Rules are rules for a reason

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There is some wangst on over the suspension of Keith Olbermann at MSNBC. He made political contributions to three Democrats in violation of MSNBC’s rules. Fox News has no such rule.

The real reason Olberman is on the way out? Reason has a recap:

CNN claims that the Right leaning commentators who support Olberman just want to “embrace the idea of hyperpartisanship in all things news and opinion. ”

No, they support free speech. That thing the left believes belongs only to them.

MSNBC put a rule in place. Fox News did not (in as much as contributions did not interfere with new coverage or the job the person has to do).

Either the rule is enforced or MSNBC is a far left echo chamber. It is but they still have to enforce a rule they put in place. Rules mean things. Let’s not kid ourselves MSNBC is not objective (that’s why their ratings are falling). But if the man broke a ethics rule, he must pay the price.

Don’t cry for him, Olberman will find work with another MSM outlet. He’s crying all the way to the bank.

Vote on 02 Nov 2010

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“Voting is a civic sacrament.”

Theodore Hesburgh quotes