From the BBC (Via Hotair):

This is probably the most controversial document yet from the Wikileaks organisation…

What the list might do is to prompt potential attackers to look at a broader range of targets, especially given that the US authorities classify them as being so important.

It is not perhaps a major security breach, but many governments may see it as an unhelpful development.

It inevitably prompts the question as to exactly what positive benefit Wikileaks was intending in releasing this document.

As I suspected, most lefties HATE the US with the burning passion of 10,000 suns. Dead Americans, blown up innocents…nah, American “imperial power” must end. They just don’t care who gets hurt.

The left (ANSWER) now embraces North Korea. The nation that uses prisoners to test their ammo and new recruits (They have new conscripts kill prisoners).

“That’s why we’re worried. This clown is impotent, suicidal, and incredibly stupid!” Airplane II

Wikileaks and the Left in a nutshell.

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