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Chewbacca Defense

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A Chewbacca Defense is part of an argument that intentionally or unintentionally has the effect of confusing the opponent so that they will stop arguing with you. If they are too chicken to continue the argument, the point they are trying to argue must be equally as flimsy, right? Right?

Foxnews talks about Justice Breyer ‘s dissent on the Heller decision.

Breyer wrote the dissent and was joined by Justices John Paul Stevens, David H. Souter and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He said historians would side with him in the case because they have concluded that Founding Father James Madison was more worried that the Constitution may not be ratified than he was about granting individuals the right to bear arms.

Madison “was worried about opponents who would think Congress would call up state militias and nationalize them. ‘That can’t happen,’ said Madison,” said Breyer, adding that historians characterize Madison’s priority as, “I’ve got to get this document ratified.”

Therefore, Madison included the Second Amendment to appease the states, Breyer said.

“If you’re interested in history, and in this one history was important, then I think you do have to pay attention to the story,” Breyer said. “If that was his motive historically, the dissenters were right. And I think more of the historians were with us.

Patterioco, Instapundit and others take down this argument.

I think it’s a good thing. For almost 20 years, from the 80’s (remember teflon bullets?), the 90’s (which gave us the “Assault Weapons” Ban) those of us who have a weapon or would like to own one had to put up with BS.

Want a supressor? “They are for gangsters and hitmen” say the gun control crowd. A plaintiff in a court case is compared to a mass murder. A major paper just assumes that armed citizens will harm park rangers. (all the aove are via SaysUncle).

When pressed for stats, driving kills more than guns. But the media loves to hype “assault weapons.” Politicians love to appear to be doing something, bureaucrats love to expand their power and some ‘citizen’ love to go on a crusade.

But the truth is that they are attacking law abiding citizens. If they told the public what they really think they’d never get anti-gun laws passed. So they lie. They hype, they dance on the graves of the dead. Many gun ‘control’ groups are the first to jump into action after a shooting. Never mind that violent shootings (while tragedies) are rare. Never mind that most of the guns and rifles in private hands don’t get fired all that often.

So on it goes. Made up arguments about the origin, meaning and intent of the founders. Of “well regulated”. If they can win via elections or the courts or by a good argument, they will riddle us with BS.