The Game Has Changed

Taxi test

The rules for designing a stealth aircraft came from the work of a Russian, modified by Americans and used on two tin pot dictators.

The research was out there. It’s not like it’s hidden. What was the work of Noble Prize winners is now the work of tin smiths.

But unlike the Cold War, this is here, it’s for $ale. To. Whoever. Has. Money.

While the PLA-AF works out the bugs Taiwan and the middle east may see this aircraft or it’s demon spawn derivatives.

The game has changed, the F-16/F-15 is dead. “Upgrades” are pointless. Older missiles are useless. We need the F-22 & F-35.

Try not to think about it liberals, maybe it will go away.

  1. PRC’s fifth-generation jet pictures cause stir in US – Taipei Times
  2. J-20 vs. F-35, One Analyst’s Perspective : Defense Tech
  3. China and Taiwan War – U.S. Chinese Military Relations : Popular Mechanics
  4. How Not To Think About The J-20: Aviation Week
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  6. China Could Field its First Carrier in 2011: Defense Tech
  7. Eric L. Plamer’s grim outlook.
  8. Defense Update’s coverage
  9. Russia wonders what the fuss is about.Warisboring

And yet our left remains stuck on stupid.

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