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the lunatics are taking over the asylum

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So Ronald Wilson Regan would have turned 100 today. What are people saying about him? Tributes pour from the right and the left tires to forget their hate and lie, lie lie.

Now, on the one hand, there’s something wonderful about the overflowing of love for Reagan. When presidents leave office or die, their partisan affiliation fades and, for the great ones, eventually withers away. Reagan was a truly great president, one of the greatest according to even liberal historians like the late John Patrick Diggins. As you can tell from the gnashing of teeth and rending of cloth from the far Left, the lionization of Reagan is a great triumph for the Right, and conservatives should welcome more of it.

On the other hand, what is not welcome is an almost Soviet airbrushing of the past to serve liberalism’s current agenda. For starters, if liberals are going to celebrate Reagan, they might try to account for the fact that they fought his every move, alternating between derision and slander in the process. . . . [S]o much of the effort to build up conservatives of the past is little more than a feint to tear down the conservatives of the present.
Liberal Bouquets for Dead Conservatives Via patterico.

as a child of the 80’s, I lived through a decade of hate and lies directed at America by Americans. They hated standing against the USSR, wanted to gut the military (as Clinton did), wanted to enact stupid regulations (as they do now).

Think the protests and assassination fantasies are new? A product of the Bush years? Nope. Regan was their first target. From Comics (Alan Moore, Judge Dread et al.) to films (Airplane) to TV, and music our media was awash in Regan hate. Turns out the nuclear freeze movement was a product of the KGB. The homeless? When Regan left office that “crisis” fell off the radar, as did human rights.

Like the Anti-War movement after 2008, the anti-nuclear movement sprang up quickly as the US moved missile into Europe and faded with the INF treaty and fell apart after the fall of the USSR.

Now the left can pretend that Regan wasn’t that bad, since their candidate is in the White house. If the GOP gets it in 2012, expect to see more hate. Same as the old hate.