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MEADS is dead T_T

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Well, it looks like PATRIOT will have to soldier on for another 10 years or so:

Germany won’t pursue a multi-billion dollar military defense project known as the Medium Extended Air Defense System, or MEADS, after its partner the U.S. also pulled out of the program, a spokesman for the country’s defense ministry said Wednesday, confirming a press report in Financial Times Deutschland.
— “Germany Won’t Pursue MEADS Military Project – Defense Ministry “: Wall Street Journal.

MEADS was due to replace Patriot, but the system called for 3 new radars (!!) and much money from the Army. With SLAMRAAM canceled, this leaved THAAD holding the future of ADA in it’s hands.

Hopefully software upgrades will keep pace with the threats. Hopefully.
I know the enemy will be watching us.

the lunatics are taking over the asylum pt. II

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For years many inside and outside academia have said that the global warming climate change emperor has no clothes.

Now we have people in power on our side:

“Ambush journalism tactics are often effective, unless, of course, the target is as on his game as Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe.

In recently released footage, a pack of global warming alarmists, led by journalist Mark Hertsgaard, attempt to surprise Inhofe after waiting an hour and a half outside a hearing of the Committee on Environment and Public Works.”

[full video at]

The left still thinks that it’s the 3 network pre-internet era. Good. We need to keep moving, blogging and writing lest they control the narrative.