The idea of being a teen, adolescence, that time between being an adult and being a child is a recent invention. In the past (ask the WWII generation) you went from school straight to work.

Then the 60’s came, with the flower children’s obsession with childhood. The only reason the 60’s were anti-war was because white middle class kids were being sent to Vietnam. The only reason college is viewed as some kind of entitlement is because a generation went to college on the GI Bill after WWII. Those colleges would turn around and spit in the face of the military. Even today they hate the military. Sure the reasons change, but the childish behavior stays the same.

We have public sector unions bitterly clinging to sweetheart deals unsupportable in this economy.

Despite the calls for “civility” all the left gives us is childish wordgames and babel.

The media sells the idea of being a child forever. Don’t worry someone else will pick up the tab. And if they refuse? Why we’ll huff and puff and strike and get angry and demand they pay for you to be a 20 year old child.

Freud put forth the theory that if you catered to every single need of a baby from birth to the age of 21. Every single need. You’d get a 21 year old infant. After seeing the mess in Wisconsin, I agree.


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