Chew on this: Voting for the Impossbile

“They voted for the impossible, and the disastrous possible happened instead.”
— Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers

The left and the Earth throw tantrums, a police officer fails firearm safety forever and our hearts go out to Japan.

  1. Could America become Europe 2: the broke Bugaloo? Sister Toldjah looks into it.
  2. NFL Players Ass. works to ruin football forever!!1!! (hotair)
  3. A call for more drilling for oil by….Bill Clinton?!?! (hot air)
  4. Instapundit with some thoughts about the big earthquake in Japan…and a take down of an idiot lefty blogger (it’s that redundant?) (Prof. Reynolds & JammieWearingFool)
  5. Hotair with the two faces of the left.
  6. The administration of an entire town falls for the Juarez cartel and the MSM is silent…. (No Lawyers)
  7. How the Wisconsin protesters ruined things for the unions AND the taxpayers.
  8. SWAT officer uses his training and special skills to stumble and shoot an innocent in the face. (SayUncle)

This week was soo surreal that I give you:

p.s. please donate, money, clothes, blood every little bit helps.

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