America for sale: Profs who sold out to our enemies.

For years, foreign corporations hired ex-government officials from the FTC, FDA and other alphabet soup agencies to lobby on their behalf. After regulating business, an appointed or assigned official can look forward to a cushy paycheck working as a corporate lapdog.

It has been know that the KGB bankrolled the left, the “greens” and the anti-nuclear movement during the cold war.

And now:

When educators who are identified as professors from prestigious universities testify before Congress, write op-eds, and appear on public or media sponsored panels, most readers and listeners value their words more than those of others less credentialed. Perhaps this is especially the case when the subject is foreign affairs, which — without warrant — is generally treated as an arcane subject requiring considerable specialized study to fully comprehend.

For this reason, concern is growing that our universities, especially those highly regarded, have been receiving very large sums of cash from abroad, often from countries or citizens of countries which hold positions antithetical to our interests or engage in conduct shocking to our values. This matter is receiving critical attention from both sides of the political spectrum.
Clarice Feldman,

The left will cry foul. They’ll pull out the Koch brothers, they’ll scream about free speech. Let’em.
The reality is that only a few Marxist and anti-American blue falcons care about countries, corporations and those people and groups who hate us. Those countries would have a hard sell without a nice American face to sugarcoat their evil. Yes Virgina, there are card-carrying villains. They need to buy good press just like anyone else. Only we stand to lose more than jobs if they succeed.

The left doesn’t care. A mad man’s money lines their coffers just as well as a college student’s.

h/t: Instapundit


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