Chew on this: Myths

Myth:A traditional story which embodies a belief regarding some fact or phenomenon of experience, and in which often the forces of nature and of the soul are personified; a sacred narrative regarding a god, a hero, the origin of the world or of a people, etc.

  1. The US must bend over backwards to appease Russia. Missile defense wont work and will provoke them.: This one comes from the pro-communist camp and those who still live in the Cold War. To them Russia is still the old Soviet Bear who we need to appease or it will nuke us. “Better Red than dead.” The truth is that the Red with Rusting Rockets are dangerous but not our friends. NO matter what concessions we make, they will still try to take advantage of us. Russia is a midget with a big right arm. Aside from their nuclear forces, they are a hollow force. They know it. They hide behind treaties and MAD to make their fear of becoming a third world power.
  2. US guns fuel the war in Mexico: From out Secretary of State to our Rock Stars , this one has legs. For starters, automatic weapons are NOT for sale to anyone. You must pay lots of money to the BATFE to own any ‘machine gun’ made before 1986. The same BATFE that let guns walk into Mexico. There are plenty of guns aviable on the wrold arms market, not to mention from deserting Mexican Army and Police. The world is awash in guns from Europe, Russia, China and others. Anti-gun zealots here need a story and they blame American gun owners.
  3. We are all socialists now: with the collapse of the housing bubble, the bailouts and the economy, the MSM said socialism was the new black. It was going to fix our economy. Take it away Doug Powers:

    As easy as it could be to assume, Socialists in Spain aren’t necessarily losing because of a backlash against Socialism (though it’s welcome where it’s occurring). Some Socialist politicians in Spain, or plenty of other places for that matter, are being run off because people are angry at their failure to deliver on undeliverable promises. State sponsored nirvana makes a state sponsored scorched earth policy against the Primrose Path inevitable. Spain’s situation is the Socialist Paradox personified

    ‘Nuff said.

These myths are part of the narrative of the left. Where America is a scary place only they can fix. Like a movie set, the myths look good from far away. Get closer and it’s all fake.


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