Truth to Power: Or how I learned what is is

I’ve been crazy busy lately. Seems this fella in New York sent a picture of his…crotch to a graduate student. On Twitter.

Then he lied.

Then Lied more.

Then the fun began.

From the Daily Kos to the major nets, water was carried. The spin was in. “VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY!!!11!!1”

“Throughout this period, Mr. Weiner mislead even those closest to him, telling a handful of longtime advisers what he had told the public — that his Twitter account had been hacked into, and that he did not send the explicit photo…

“By Monday morning, those close to him said, he simply staggered under the weight of the media attention, the impending revelations from Mr. Breitbart and his own deceit.”

That was the New York Times (via The MSM still tries to cover for the man. Patterico has the money quote from MSNBC:

Breitbart’s tactics are generally eyed with some suspicion by objective news sources. His exposure of a speech by Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod led to a media brouhaha over her perceived racist statements before a full screening of the edited video revealed manipulation of her words; he was also involved in the 2009 controversy around a heavily edited video by James O’Keefe that contributed to the demise of ACORN.

Breitbart’s websites can be found on my sidebar. The man is good. Very good at that journalism thing our MSM masters seem to have forgotten.
“It’s not the crime, it’s the coverup.”
Why was a married Congressman sending pics of his genitals to a college student? If a soldier did that to a subordinate they’d get UCMJ. If the /lied/ about it, a bad conduct discharge.

Someone in a position of power does something that stupid they show a lack of leadership qualities. When they lie about it they don’t deserve to hold a position of power. How can we trust this man?

How can we trust the “media”? Where was the journalism? The left wing web of course swallowed the party line. It turns out our MSM is just as in bed with the left as the nutty websites and blogs. Many seemed to believe that it was Breitbart who either created the story or actually hacked Wiener.

Dream on.

A Republican Congressman in New York resigned when he did something similar.(maybe they knew each other!)

Once again, the left is made of fail and the blogs pwn the MSM.

Truth to power.


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