I hate Luddites. Every time tech marches on, we have screaming Luddites who pine for the days of yore:

Books as I grew up with them — books with jackets and covers and paper and spines — have stories that reach beyond what’s written inside, and those stories are mine. There’s the paperback copy of “Fahrenheit 451,” signed by Ray Bradbury when he came to my hometown bookstore (and which I consequently never returned to the library). There’s the green advance galley of “The United States of Arugula,” given to me in the first week of a magazine internship by a friendly boss and read entirely on the subway so fellow riders could observe my insider status (never mind that it had been in stores for five years). Then there’s the bright blue, barely opened guide to Edinburgh, a gift from my father that sits on my shelf and stabs me with guilt for my last-minute decision not to study abroad.

And in that same article:

I know the Kindle will eventually carry the day — an electronic reader means no more embarrassing coffee stains, no more library holds and renewals, no more frantic flipping through pages for a lost quote or going to three bookstores in one afternoon to track down an evasive title.

Hate to tell you this, Sara Barbour, but books are about information. I need what’s in the book. When my father passed away, I had to haul 500 pounds of books to the second hand store. Nice, but back breaking. I carried a 40 lb bookbag in highschool, that became 75 pounds in college. To think I grouse about a 35 pound ruck!

Paper is nice, but better tech is nicer. All the books I want in the palm of my hand.
College textbooks cost upwards of $50.00 US, and this clown expects me to pay that due to some emotional attachment to a dead tree?

Nope. Downloads are the way to go. I’ve ridden in a B-17. Wonderful aircraft. I recommend you do the same Ms. Barbour. But jets replaced props for a reason. The car replaced the horse etc.

There will be a nice market for books. Some books just won’t look right on the Kindle and yes sometimes I want to hold a book in my hand. But for 90% of books I want it NOW. I can fit an entire library in my ruck, next to my shaving kit and my socks. Can you?

(h/t: Instapundit)

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