So there was this plan to let guns to to Mexico. Let straw buyers make the purchases and then bust the whole ring. Right?

Actually busting criminals is hard work. Easier to make our lives harder. The results of this…plan are here, the democrats attempt to change the subject here, the effect of the guns here and more here.

The gun control crowd like to shriek and howl about guns. Seems the plan was to pump up stats in Mexico and clamor for more laws here. Desperate to change the subject even the MSM is pumping the 90% meme. It’s really 90% b.s.

Fully automatic weapons are not widespread in the US (they require a special license). Nor are grenades ($200.00 us PER grenade). No matter what the MSM says.

The Mexican Army and Federal Police are corrupt and crumbling. Police officers and soldiers desert (taking their weapons) or sell them to the cartels. The culture and government of Mexico just is not stable enough to fight the cartels.

Unable to win (and perhaps in the pocket of one of the cartels) the Mexican government goes after America. The gun control/ban lobby loves this. They couldn’t exploit the Tucson shootings and now they think they have a crisis they can use.

They are wrong.

Agents of the U.S. Government, high level administration officials knowingly let guns and other weapons move into Mexico. They’ve been used to kill U.S. law enforcement officers and many Mexican officials.

These Americans who thought this was a good idea should resign in shame, not just a few scapegoats. The Bradys, the gun banners should be ashamed of themselves.

It’ll never happen of course. The MSM will move on, they’ll carry water for the Administration and somehow blame the US (and the 2nd Amendment).

Mexico will continue to burn. The cartels are rich enough to buy guns on the world market regardless of what American gun stores sell. The Mexican government is powerless.

In an ideal world, the “Assault Weapon ban” would have been the high water mark of the ‘gun control’ movement. Let’s make this happen. Stop listing to the MSM America. Stop with the moral panics. The media that loves to glorify gun violence in every movie and TV show now tires to claim that WE are responsible for Mexico? Get real.

UPDATE: the media carries water for the “felony stupid” ATF and DOJ. The interim director of the ATF goes under the bus (or was shoved)>. That’s okay, the next director will be even more of a fascist dolt.

Sadly, those in power and those who want to strip our rights away will never get it.

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