My father told me once why we lost Vietnam. In a nutshell, Washington ran the war while the troops did the dying. LBJ boasted that an outhouse couldn’t be bombed without his OK. It’s true, target lists were drawn up in Washington and sent to bases in SE Asia. “Sending a message” they said. Should have used a diplomatic bag, seeing how that turned out.

Good morning Libya!

ROME (AFP) – Italy called for a suspension of hostilities in Libya on Wednesday in the latest sign of dissent within NATO as the civilian death toll mounts and Moamer Kadhafi shows no signs of quitting power.

“We have seen the effects of the crisis and therefore also of NATO action not only in eastern and southwestern regions but also in Tripoli,” Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told a parliamentary committee meeting.

During the Clinton years, the idea was that American power would fade and a “multi-polar” world would take it’s place. The other nations would step up. Yeah right. Europe spent their money on socialist pipe dreams (and is now broke) and they need our munitions and OUR forces to smart bomb a tin-pot dictator.

Smart diplomacy.

Smart thinking, about bidness:

New emails obtained by The Daily Caller contradict claims by the Obama administration that the Treasury Department would avoid “intervening in the day-to-day management” of General Motors post-auto bailout.

These messages reveal that Treasury officials were involved in decision-making that led to more than 20,000 non-union workers losing their pensions. (General Motors not eager to be political talking point in 2012)

–By Matthew Boyle – The Daily Caller

So what the Boyle is telling us, our Administration is running a company from Washington. Paying off union cronies and fat cats at GM.

Hey! Hey! How Many did you lay off today?

It’s the 60’s all over man….at least the ‘wars’ are being run like it’s the 1960’s.

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