Bill Richardson not going to jail:

ALBUQUERQUE – State Attorney General Gary King, in a wide-ranging, 90-minute defense of himself, said today that his detractors may be most upset because he has not tried to prosecute former governor Bill Richardson.

King said many of his critics want to know why he has not indicted Richardson, a fellow Democrat, whose eight years as governor were marked by robust times and investment scandals.

King said he bases every decision on facts that can be proven, not popularity or political connections. This holds true with a powerful man such as Richardson and everybody else, King said.

To those who continue to insist that Richardson must have done something illegal, King said: “Bring me the evidence.”

Jazz Shaw of Hotair brings up a three good points: A) Loads of charges, B) a grand jury indictment and C) how the State AG got his job.

It’s common knowledge that Democrats in NM are rotten to the core. They spent millions on a statue just off I-25, while schools were forced to cut budgets. If it wasn’t for the military (White Sands Missile Range, Kirkland AFB, Holoman AFB, Fort Bliss) there would be no economy in NM.

Oh that’s right, the Democrats hate the military. Except during election years. Bill Richardson is just another tarnished Dem. He did pull himself up by his bootstraps, but then proceeded to enrich himself on the public’s dime. Unlike previous decades, the new media caught him. Thankfully before he could make a run at the White House. He lied about his background and what he did for NM. The Republicans did much, much more. Gary Johnson helped out budget, our GOP congress critters helped bring jobs and military contracts (which create more jobs) to our state. In contrast, the Dems wanted to cut the military in the 90’s. UNM rages against Kirkland AFB and they were trying help ranchers take away land from WSMR in the 80’s.

Hopefully this will deny Richardson fame and secure his place in political obscurity. With a Governor Susana Martinez (the Tejana) working to fix the mess they made, my home state should be fine.

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