Godspeed Lex

The US military has many contractors and civilian employees. A good number of them are retired. You see, after 20 years of active duty you can retire with a full pension and medical benefits.

I had an instructor who was a former 11B (infantry) then became a 14J (early warning). He had two plastic hips, a metal knee, was a cancer survivor yet still did the 9-5 grind teaching us knuckleheads about early warning and army communications.

Why do they do it? Getting a salary and a pension (double dipping is legal for federal retirees). But it’s more than that. Seeing us graduate, some joining the units he served in. Serving his country, making future soldiers. That money can’t buy.

Readiness, technical and tactual proficiency can’t be bought. It can’t come from reading a book. We train. It helps when our trainers know something about the military.

Godspeed Lex. And be careful flying that old heap.

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