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The left is full of lies.

“Green Jobs” were supposed to employ America and build our economy. Witness the shutdown of a “Green Business” to the tune of $535+ Billion dollars. And new eco-rules kill more jobs. The “czar” of Green Jobs was a leftie race-baiter and batshit crazy truther.

“Racists” of course run the tea party. Well…they are if you lie and alter and PIRATE a video:

“As you can see, Bachmann began her presentation with a joke, asking the rain-drenched crowd, “Who likes wet people?” and then said that, as Christians, they serve the “God of the winds and the rains.”

Nearly three weeks later, on Saturday Aug. 27, a left-wing anti-Christian blog, “On Knees for Jesus,” posted a pirated version of my video, edited and with a caption falsely asserting that Bachmann asked the crowd, “Who likes white people?” — with the contextual clue about “the winds and the rains” removed. That dishonest smear was then given prominence by the left-wing gossip site Gawker.
–RS McCain on

This is the same “fake but accurate” site that made up a story about Sara Palin’s report card. *faceplam* Of course the MSM decided to vomit out this video as “viral”. They are just paying Mr. McCain’s retirement fund. Ya see piracy is a crime, it’s not “truth to power”.

A democrat in congress accuses the tea party of wanting to lynch people. Law baning “conflict minerals” (for justice!) enriches Chinese firms at American expense (for the profit!). In the name of the poor[tm] another congressperson wants to shake down banks. Hmmm..seems the part of science ditches science and goes “truthiness” when science isn’t on their side.

It’s about power. It’s about coating Marxist class warfare bullshit with an eco-friendly wrapping. Given the change the left will treat you as a child, then bitch and whine when you refuse to play along. They will strange you with rules to make you obey to their vision (so much for choice).

Remember when Congressman Giffords was shot? The call for a new tone? Lies.

They’d rather shout you down.

Choice? Lies.

Choice means you can do bad things and you have only yourself to blame. It means you can read up on the “science” and make your own choices. They hate that.

Freedom? Freedom you want?

The left hates freedom. That means your free to reject their ideology. They do hate America. America is about freedom, doing for yourself. As many of my leaders told me and my fellow soldiers “you are grown-ass adults, you can do it for yourself.”

Too bad the left refuses to believe in freedom.