While CNN continues to go full retard:

“Yet our research indicates that al Qaeda and those motivated by its ideology are not the only sources of terrorism that the country faces and that terrorists across the ideological spectrum from those motivated by Osama bin Laden’s ideology to neo-Nazis have managed to kill only 30 people in the United States since the attacks on Washington and New York a decade ago.

While each of those deaths is, or course, a tragedy, it is orders of magnitude smaller than the 15,000 Americans who are murdered every year.

Our study also found that Islamist terrorism has been no more deadly in the United States than other forms of domestic terrorism since September 11.”–Study reveals the many faces of terrorism. CNN.com

Two CNN hacks quote the Southern Poverty Law Center (they of the “Vets are going to blow up America” fame) to try and PC the ten years since 9/11.

At the very same site comes this gem:

“Editor’s note: Edward Morrissey is a senior editor and correspondent for the conservative commentary website HotAir.com.

(CNN) — In the film “Groundhog Day,” Bill Murray has to live through the exact same day thousands of times. In this administration, most Americans can be forgiven for feeling as though they’ve lived through the same economic speech from President Obama nearly as many times. Given the extraordinary setting of a joint session of Congress, one has to question the notion of scheduling a rerun against the first-run debates taking place among Republican challengers to this president.” Obama speech like Groundhog Day. CNN.com


It’s little things like this that put us one more step ahead of the left and closer to the White House. Before 2004, legacy media would never have let a right wing blogger even be seen around their buildings. Clinton demonized talk radio, the left has Fox News, but the web is used by everybody.

By trying to catch our fire, they admit theirs is going out.

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