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The zombie meme

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The left’s big reason to ban guns (you know they want to) is the claim that only “trained professionals should have guns.” They want all guns banned (and yes that includes rifles).

FRAMINGHAM — Officer Paul Duncan was trained to have his M4 rifle in safety mode unless he was ready to fire. But the SWAT team member wasn’t necessarily wrong to have the safety off when he went to search Eurie Stamps Sr. for weapons during an early-morning drug raid, an expert has found.
In his review of the Jan. 5 fatality released yesterday, Steve Ijames found that Duncan and the rest of the SWAT team may have been operating under conflicting rifle-handling guidelines.
Independent review finds Framingham SWAT team not in error, By Danielle Ameden/Daily News staff, The MetroWest Daily News

Many, many “no knock” raids and lax firearms practices and police-caused deaths have come under criticism on the web:

Seldom is a police officer held accountable (or a better way to say it is that s/he will always get the benefit of the doubt no matter how significant the doubt it), and this goes double for SWAT teams. If it offends our sensibilities for the Phoenix Tucson police department to have forcefully entered Jose Guerena’s home and shot him to death without due process, then that is true in the superlative for this poor man, Mr. Stamps, an innocent man, lying on the floor at the time he was shot to death.
The Moral Case Against SWAT Raids
BY Herschel Smith, Captain’s Journal

Nothing excuses an ND, ever. Proper target identification, trigger discipline, and use of the safety is exactly what distinguishes a well trained operator from a tacticool Call of Duty wannabe. That being said, there are times when entering a hostile situation with the safety off can be advantageous. During my first deployment to Iraq (2005-2006) we would routinely clear houses in and around Fallujah without safeties. Seconds matter in a gunfight. Our threat-assessment matrix was more ad hoc (people inside? Safety off) than SWAT’s, and we relied on training and good judgement to ensure good shoots and force protection. Even though it is nearly unthinkable for civilians or even regular LE officers to rock around with the safety off, I would say that the decision to use safeties or not in a tactical situation should be threat based, as Ijames seems to suggest in his report.
— “John”, in a comment on the above post.

Arms and The Law points out a SWAT raid in AZ that killed a Marine veteran. The “Call of Duty Wannabes” are everywhere. After 9/11, Congress gave away funds for every Police Dept. to get a SWAT team. If they have them, they will have to justify using them.

So much for “trained.” Yes, you are only as good as your training. Soldiers make mistakes, every basic training cycle, their are soldiers who get a negligent discharge (50 cent words for shooting when you’re not supposed too). I’ve seen a .50 cal machine gun with a round left in it. It was discovered in a motor pool full of tired soldiers. I knew someone who’s ND missed a fellow soldier’s head by 1-2 inches.

There is no magical training with cops and soldiers. There is the morals and the maturity they are supposed to have. Just like drivers. And cars kill more people than guns. Not to mention the number of crooked cops. And the believe among the left that soldiers are some how crazed when we come back from overseas. Which they hide when they trot out this zombie meme. Again and again, they use the argument that only police should have guns. So they smear and they try to appeal to your emotions.


And this is a police officer, don't try this at home...

I’m sure the police departments bellying up to the federal trough made convincing arguments as to why they needed SWAT teams. Those “trained professionals” wander around in military uniforms and equipment. Wearing scrubs doesn’t make you a doctor, graduating any course doesn’t substitute for the use of brains.

Nor do the actions of a few mean no rights for all.

That makes no difference to the left. They run on emotions (mostly fear). This argument refuses to die, no matter how much reality comes in. The “trained professionals” zombie is right up there with the “suicide zombie” and the “murder at the drop of a hat” zombie.

Make no mistake, the left doesn’t know what it’s talking about when it talks about anything.