This post is about boredom…and being boring:

One thing that’s remarkable is how many people think they are writing about something interesting when they are not. How many times have you lost track of what someone is saying when they are talking to you in person? Unfortunately, you can’t just walk away in real life if you want to be polite. On the internet, you can walk away with a click if someone fails to interest you. This happens all the time.

If your idea of being interesting is writing about complex tax codes, what your cat ate for breakfast (unless it’s Maru), or how much you bench pressed, you may be boring. It all depends. The fact of the matter is that it’s not the thing, it’s the relationship to the thing, and when it comes to writing, it’s not the subject, it’s your relationship to it.
–“Here’s Why No One Reads Your Blog“: Susannah Breslin,

One of the criticisms of the modern age (Every age was modern at some point in time) is that we have too many distractions.

I don’t think so. People can be smart and they can be morons at the same time. Or just not interested.

I never say “that is uninteresting” but rather “I am uninterested”, for it is always more reasonable to assume that I fail to see what is there than that devotees see what is not there. I love to hear of people devoting their lives to pursuits that sound dull to me, for I know that their enthusiasm is right and my boredom is wrong, and I am happy for the rebuke
–“Everything is Interesting“: Brian Jay Stanley

I don’t know how many times I’ve stumbled upon things I didn’t know on instapundit, TvTropes or . Or any of the blogs I read.

Some blogs are backed by big companies. Others are “someone in their pajamas.” Some have daily updates.

This is not one of those blogs.

I blog for me and share with you dear reader.

I do take issue with “controversialist”

A controversialist is “a person who likes to disagree with other people and say things that make people angry or think about a subject.”

Ms.Breslin, not everyone is in a position to stir the pot. Some of us have real jobs, or are in positions where controversy would be bad.

Liberals love controversy. They also love to publish your address. Maybe even visit your house. Ask Michelle Malkin.

And sometimes the controversy masks the real issue. Urban Legends are rife with false controversy that exploded, wasting valuable time. Remember the razor blades in the Halloween candy?

Then again the left loves to dance on graves and pretend that the rules don’t apply to them….

I shout from the roof tops because I’m interested. I don’t waffle, the only punches I pulla re to comply with the law.

I talk about geeky army stuff. Tech pr0n. Girls. Girls who are scantly clad. (That’s my term for female humans over the age of 18 btw liberals).

DO I want people to read my blog? Sure.

Blogs are not about page reads only. It’s about a chorus of voices. It’s about people speaking their mind. It’s about thousands…or millions of people having a discussion.
Without elitist “gatekeepers”. It’s a free net. There are dozens of sites to blog, micro-blog and such. Some bloggers can make a living at it. Some suck.

It’s about getting quoted, it’s about being one site among many that mentions “China”, “gunwalker”, etc. If you hate that, look at the pretty girls. Or click somewhere else, I don’t mind.

Do I care if I get zero reads? Meh, bills need to be paid. I gots a job for that. I don’t do this for a living, I do it for fun and to comment on teh world.

It’s that I can is what matters.

If you find this boring..oh well. But remember, what’s boring can become dangerous when you’re not looking.

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