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Fridge Logic

Posted in politcs, rankers, War On Terror with tags , , , , on 1, October 2011 by chockblock

All this talk of drastic defense cuts makes me wonder. There are those in the Pentagon that hate paying benefits for service members. There are those lawmakers who talk about a draft. And there are lawmakers who are trying to stop the cuts.

I think whats happening is that the accountants and the budget hawks (who never had to pay bills) want to make cuts in the tail of the military while trying to buy more teeth. In war, logistic units far outnumber the shooters. Now aways alot of that “tail” is composed of contractors. Still expensive. Tanks, I’m sorry, “Ground Combat Vehicles” are smexy. Retention and recruiting, day care, medical benefits are not smexy. The brain trust in the E-ring thinks that they can just put butts in basic and OCS no matter what.

With no draft we have to make it worth it to join. And face it, for risking their lives, GI’s deserve the GI Bill and health bennies.

Now progressives hate the military. A draft would be a godsend to them. They can put butts in the streets. Rich white kids who would now be scared that the military would keep them from smoking pot college. Cutting bennies and the force makes US foreign policy harder to implement and gives our enemies a free hand.  So they get to make the cuts they want and use a draft scare to get young people “motivated.”  Even if there is no draft, just the scary idea of one will motivate the base.

The GOP plays politics and tires to say “The Liberals want to ruin the Armiee!!!11!!1”

The idea of a peacetime draft is way sexier than the reality. Troops and combat vehicles are not numbers. A draft goes back to the era of attrition warfare, not modern high tech combat.

What is needed is a read debate about what kind of military we need. No more “panels” made up of businessmen and retired field grades who are soaking up govt pensions. No more “reporters” who are just progressive shills.