I have that “waiting for a bunch of shoes to drop” feeling about the current world situation. It’s not going to be nice. It’s not going to be over quickly. It’s like the summer of 1914, but I keep wondering “Where is the Sarajevo? Who will be the Archduke?”. What we now call World War I didn’t just happen without a long run-up, but still few predicted it. This is financial, at least in part, but then again, that was at the root of the beginnings of such conflagrations as the French and Russian Revolutions, whose aftershocks are still with us. So, where will it start this time, and when?

Bill Rudersdorf, as qouted by Instapundit

Well, here are some tasty links as you stock up on canned goods and firearms:

  1. Out Of The “Hard Landing” Pan And Into The “Crash” Fire – Are Things About To Get Even Worse For China?: http://www.zerohedge.com
  3. Obama must serve something to the assembled hungry masses, and this infected red meat is the best he’s got. : Althouse
  4. DRONE KILLS: More on the legality of the Al-Awlaki killing.
  5. “Roseanne Barr Says Wealthy Bankers Should Be Sent to Re-Education Camps or Be Beheaded “,”Roseanne Barr Pines for Madame Guillotine and Re-education camps.” well that worked so well for the French and their revolution (Ace of Spades)
  6. Economist: the yuan will be the world’s main reserve currency within ten years. and Instapundit asks how that hopey changey stuff worked out for ya.
  7. Washington Post editor goes hunting up at ‘Redskinsrock.’” (Althouse), I like the “hypocrisy” tag. (Instapundit)
  8. Reverend Wright is off limits, but a painted-over rock is page 1 at WaPo“(legalinsurrection)
  9. Friday Fast & Furious Document Dump” (Ace of Spades)

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