Well, well, what do we have here? The “99%”…as they call themselves. Spoiled brats who can’t seem to figure out why the real 99% don’t embrace brain-dead leftist talking points.

“Take, for example, the complaints of the young Americans currently “occupying” Wall Street. Many protesters have told sympathetic reporters that “it’s our Arab Spring.” Put aside the differences between brutal totalitarian dictatorships and a republic of biennial elections, and simply consider it in economic terms: At the “Occupy” demonstrations, not-so-young college students are demanding that their tuition debt be forgiven. In Egypt, half the population lives in poverty; the country imports more wheat than any other nation on the planet, and the funds to do that will dry up in a couple months’ time. They’re worrying about starvation, not how to fund half a decade of Whatever Studies at Complacency U.

One sympathizes. When college tuition is $50,000 a year, you can’t “work your way through college” — because, after all, an 18-year-old who can earn 50-grand a year wouldn’t need to go to college, would he? Nevertheless, his situation is not the same as some guy halfway up the Nile living on $2 a day: One is a crisis of the economy, the other is a crisis of decadence. And, generally, the former are far easier to solve.”

Crisis of Decadence, Mark Steyn, October 15, National Review Online

Like the 1960’s, we have protestors fighting police, demanding violence and spitting on service members. Only not much is happening outside of the protests.

Except hate. Lot’s of hate.

Now, the 60’s generation had a draft and a war in Vietnam. That got white butts in the streets. Student loans? Bank Fees? Debt? Not so much.

Now Adbusters (very anti-jew, under a mask of marxism) came up with the “occupy” protests. The Democrats and the professional left are using them to shore up their candidate’s falling poll numbers.

As for the spirit of the 60’s? I don’t think the left really wants to summon that ghost. The selfish, drugged out, smelly hippies who turned into the perfectly coiffed yuppies who run the banks now occupied by their darling protestors.

What’s good is that the longer this goes on, the loonier the left becomes. From a reporter joining the protests to spolied brats asking for handouts.
Oh, don’t forget a congressman asking the Whitehouse to break the law so that the democrats can “fix” the economy.

Yeah…so 99%…..

The MSM thinks that this will play in Peoria. I think it will destroy them.

When the Tea Party had rallies, they were clean. Signs were hand printed. There were few loonies. Just click on the links above and you will see hate. Zionist conspiracy deck that would make the tin-foil crowd blush. They want to destroy the US. As long as what’s left pays their student loans of course.

America woke up. The left hates it. The radical left has nothing left except violence and bile. When Nazi’s and Commies like you, you should worry. When even the New York Times questions your motives, or one of your supporters wants you to DIE.…worry!

Yes, a MSM “analyst” wants a “Kent State moment.” Never mind that the whole thing was a massive accident. Really. Look it up lefties.

Well, they won’t get it. What they are getting is most of America tuning them out.

Should we make peace with those bags of crazy?


Time and again, the left has tried to sneak evil, Marxist ideology and power grabs when we try to make peace. Give them any part of what they want and doom will result. Let the world see who these assclowns really are.

Because making peace with Commie stupid is the first step toward becoming Commie stupid.
R.S. McCain

True in 1968 as it is in 2011.

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