Of Student Loans and OWS

I’m not the first one to make this association:

It’s pretty clear that a core issue animating these protesters is the ridiculous debt obligations that they voluntarily assumed. It’s therefore almost funny to see the working class union types leaping on board to help out kids whose demands, if acceded to, will pile ever greater debt on the ordinary working stiffs in America.

Student loans started out as a good idea. The GI Bill got the whole thing started, by having the government create a program that provided higher education for those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. The end result was a dynamic, educated group of former military people (trained, disciplined, seasoned and responsible) who helped sweep the country to great prosperity during the 1950s and early 1960s.
The genesis of Occupy Wall Street distilled to two words: student loans: http://www.bookwormroom.com

So OWS is just spoiled children asking something for nothing. For years the left and the MSM knew that college education was becoming bullshit. Many degrees aren’t worth the thousands of dollars in debt students sign up for. Yet college is shilled by the left and the MSM.

So these spoiled children are angry that we want the student loans paid back. They want jobs, but only jobs where they can do what ever they want to wear what they want and work the hours they want for more pay. Reality has ensued. We want our student loan money back (because it’s a loan). Crushing debt makes you unemployable in a bad economy. Studying fluff in college likewise makes you hard to hire.

Without new blood, without student loans, the left would have died in the 80’s and 90’s. It was student loans, subsidizing many liberal arts colleges, that propped up the Marxist agiprop that passes for education.

The bubble is bursting.

I predict that OWS is the high water mark of the old left. Everything after 2020 will be some “New Left” (or “New New Left” for those of you who remember the 60’s era new left). The Marxist left is like the KKK in the 1920’s. Many forget that in the 20’s the Klan had one million (yes one mil) dues paying members. They even tried to recruit Truman when he was a state senator. Between the Depression and WWII, the Klan stagnated. After the 50’s and 60’s they became a joke (with a small revival in the 70’s).

I predict that the OWS is the “old left”. Smelly hippies, commies and other Marxist fellow travelers. They’ll expend all their energy trying to launch a campaign for free stuff. Coward-Priven their way into a Marxist utopia. The “other peoples/1%” money is running out.

They’ll crash and burn. Public opinon will sour. The MSM will move on. And if the higher education bubble bursts (and especially if student loans end) they will lose numbers and their shiny PR image. They’ll become the butt of jokes and may even become the villains in pop culture (the kiss of death to any movement). Fewer college students will pick up Marx as they want to get a real job after college.

Some new leftist movement will take their place. But it won’t be asking for free anything. There will be no drumming in parks and Karl Marx acolytes will be asked to shut the hell up.

And the OWS will join the IWW, the anarchists and the KKK as another sad chapter in American history.

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