The real 1%

But much of the blame for so many young people’s disillusionment should fall on the colleges and universities that promised them the moon in the first place. Why does a 27-year-old with little work experience and a Master of Fine Arts degree expect that a job in her field will be easy to find? Or pay a “living wage”? It is likely that, starting in high school and continuing through college, her counselors and teachers told her that a college degree—any college degree—was the fast track to success and fortune. And then college administrators repeated the myth and added that an advanced degree would certainly assure success, fulfillment, and happiness.

Why do such students everywhere assume that $100,000 in student loan debt won’t be a huge burden as they start careers and families? Because Sallie Mae and the university student loan office explained that student loans are “good debt” and that once students graduate and have a job, monthly loan payments won’t be a big deal.
–“Blame Universities—Not Wall Street“: Jenna Ashley Robinson, Pope Center

So the emphasis is mine, but the point is valid. A master’s in Fine Arts, (Fill-in-the-Blank) Studies etc. That don’t pay the bills.

Employers want workers who show up on time. Who don’t look like freaks. That’s too much to ask of the OWS mob.

Once again, the left and it’s fellow travelers in academia have screwed the pooch. And screwed over a generation.

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