It’s still our Army

The amount of epic fail in the following is not recommended for anyone with a medical condition:

We the People’ need to understand: it’s not longer our army; it hasn’t been for years; it’s theirs and they intend to keep it. The American military belongs to Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright, to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, to Hilary Clinton and Robert Gates. Civilian leaders will continue to employ the military as they see fit. If Americans do not like the way the army is used, they should reclaim it, resuscitating the tradition of the citizen-soldier and reasserting the connection between citizenship and military service. … [A]s long at the tradition of the citizen-soldier remains moribund, reversing the militarization of U.S. foreign policy will be a pipe dream.

Andrew Bacevich, quoted by Thomas E. Ricks on his blog.

There’s no telling whether this kind of movement will gather steam, but based on the lukewarm reception to President Obama’s proposed new taxes on the wealthiest Americans, you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. But would asking Americans to sacrifice more, in the ways they can, bring them closer to the military? Could anything do that in our disconnected cyber-age?
“‘It’s no longer our army. It hasn’t been for years.’”: By Philip Ewing ,

No one forces people to join the military. The whole point of the all volunteer force was to avoid the mass mobilization of WWII. Technology marches on. A Cold War Era Nike missile battery required a tremendous investment. The PATRIOT missile system is not only mobile, but has a smaller size and footprint.

We don’t need huge numbers of troops. Most service members are in the support areas than in combat. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan pushed them to the limelight. It takes about 7 soldiers to support one infantry soldier (an 11B). Thats cooks, MP’s, legal, chaplin, medics, mechanics (we’re a mechanized army) and signal. That’s not including the other services.

The Army (and our sister services) face substance abuse problems. All married/divorced services members have to care for families. I don’t care if the “average American” can’t relate. He/she just needs to say “thank you for your service” and let me be on my way.

We try to recruit in high schools, Code Pink and other leftist wackos keep trying to block it. The media doesn’t help. The news media HATES the military.

That people even show up to the recruiting station at all is a miracle. In basic, my platoon lost 6 people. One woman was a basket case. Another was an idiot who should never have been let it. One guy assaulted a female recruit and got sent to jail then kicked out. Two were PT test failures and the last one broke his foot. The company lost 10 people, three to unreported criminal records. Those three were kicked out on false enlistment. In AIT I saw several recruits take drugs/show up drunk and get kicked out. And we were Air Defense.

Things got worse as the DOD granted waives for felonies and other issues. Overweight and dirtbag “soldiers” were kept in to keep numbers up until the Brigade S-1 and the Brigade commander couldn’t stand it anymore. Now the waivers have been stopped and commanders Army-wide have been told to kick out soldiers who can’t pass the standards. My current unit lost five people for drug and discipline problems.

The military’s statistics are better than the general population. We want to be in the service. Forget the wealthy, the “average American” has plenty of opportunity to join the military. 1.5 to 2 year terms of service are available, a 19 year old can do that standing on his head.

It’s the hard work and the discipline that turn off most people. You can’t wear what you want, work the hours you want or slack off. The Army just tightened it’s tattoo policy. Our sister services are down-sizing, cutting into that < 1% in the military.

As for why force is used, "smart diplomacy" is just a fancy word for more talking. Diplomacy has to be backed up with military force. Previous presidents used force for anything. How did we get the Panama canal? By splitting off part of Columbia with the help of the US Navy. The Spanish American War, the Indian Wars, the Cold War, Manifest Destiny. led by civilians, planned by civilians.

We have other concerns. The military is fine, the founding fathers got that one right. We don't need a draft. We need voters who pay attention, and a media who is willing to cover the real news.

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