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Stolen Valor is a Crime

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“If you steal, you’re gonna lie, if you lie you’re gonna steal”– a 1SG at Fort Jackon.

For all the talk about “freedom of speech” and the left’s pimping of “veterans” during the OWS protests, I’m reminded of that phrase.

Somewhere between the guys who never served a day in their life, yet wears the trappings of a hero and the guy at the VFW who did serve but wants to embellish how many Viet Cong he killed barehanded lies an entirely different breed of predator who uses innuendo to imply that they are something more than the truth.
Soldier Systems

When someone says it’s not about the money (and they say it often), it’s the money. Smelly hippies and fiction don’t sell books or protests. “Veterans” can sell shitty “war stories” or smelly protests better than the ugly truth.

From screenplays, to down on their luck stories, to interviews and preying on your sympathy, the scum of stolen valor knows no shame.

But this is the internet. You can run you scumbags, but you can’t hide.

Let’s keep exposing these people for who they really are. Kit Up is watching.
Brandon Webb at Kit Up!

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