Don’t bail out Student Loans

“This is a transparent vote buying scheme. Not only will this act of Roman-style patronage turn into votes for whoever is waiving the magic wand, those grateful little creatures will hail their caesar and support his re-election as motivated campaign workers.”

R.S. McCain on why we don’t need to help the “99%”.

He adds two more reasons at the link. Let me add my 2 cents:

  1. Colleges raised their tuition to cover expenses they jacked up, knowing that college students (with the help of indulgent parents) would take out the money. Do colleges really need student unions with Xboxes and large TVs? Dorms with frills? Layers and layers of management and profs. who don’t teach got a free ride with easy student loan money. Not our fault if this is unsustainable. And not our fault if you
    slept through your “education”.
  2. STEM subjects, business and a few other majors come with job security. Government is (gasp!) cutting back. Law is cutting back due to the glut of lawyers in this country. If you want to study the fluff electives: “Communications”, “English” et al. be prepared to work at Starbucks. Not the taxpayers fault for colleges catering to the slackers and the Marxists who teach them.
  3. Many of the “99%” chose a very expensive school far, far away from home. So sad too bad. Small colleges, local colleges are cheaper and produce just as good an education. If they wanted to work in New York city, D.C. some such, they should have prepared to spend lots of money and fight many, many people from elite school. If you didn’t get the job, them’s the brakes. They should have applied for jobs they stood a chance of actually getting, not the bill of goods the media or lefty professors shill. Competing in a field where many students were “top of their class”, went to an “elite” school and you find that there are a lot of those people pounding the pavement. Thanks to the media and the education system, they believe that 100K a year jobs are a “right” and not something to work towards. The taxpayer shouldn’t have to pay just because these guys made bad career moves.

Some liberal wag held up a sign “Pay your taxes teabaggers!”. I propose we tell him and his friends in the tents: “Pay back our money, deadbeats!”. That’s what a loan is after all.

6 Responses to “Don’t bail out Student Loans”

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  2. Thanks for the link Mr. McCain!

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  5. I agree, if student loans get bailed out, there will be ridiculous increases to the price of college and students who can and will repay their student loans will have to pay higher interest rates due to the higher risk of defaults.

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